Keys to a Happy and Lasting Marriage

Posted by Lee

Keys to a Happy and Lasting Marriage

The bond between two different people is strengthened by marriage. Marriage means their love for each other had moved into another level and they are willing see beyond each other’s differences.

Lasting Marriage

Despite the increasing number of separated and divorced couples, there are still those who long for a lasting and happy marriage. Here are some ways to do it.

• Be each other’s best friend. Remember that you and your partner are a team. Deal with your problems together. It will lessen the burden and it can be resolved easily.

• Enjoy the same thing together. If your spouse likes sports, learn to love it as well. Be open to try and explore new activities together. Have fun.

• Conflicts will arise no matter how much you’ll avoid it. When your partner is angry, try to be understanding instead of arguing back. Try to listen why he/she is upset in the first place. Never mention the mistakes did in the past and settle any arguments before you go to bed.

• It does not need to be Christmas or your anniversary to prepare a surprise dinner for your spouse. Do something they’ll never expect once in a while. Place a lovely bouquet on your bedside table before your wife wakes up or treat your husband to a concert of his favorite rock band.

• Learn to appreciate and compliment your spouse at least once in a day. Not only vocally but make them feel that you are proud of them. Encourage and affirm one another at all times.

• Don’t be stubborn. Set aside your pride and admit your mistakes.

• Spend some special time alone with your partner. Take some time out and bring back the romance in your life.

• Include your spouse in your plans and don’t ever take them for granted.

• Respect your partner. Give them the space if you think they need it.

• Enjoy little things. Laugh together.

• Remember that neither you nor your spouse is perfect. Love each other despite the imperfection.

• Forgive and forget.

Marriage is just the first step of your lives together. Approach each difficulty with a positive outlook and you’ll have a positive result. Help, trust and love each other. Life is too short not to spend it with the one you love.

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