Overcome Insecurity in a Marriage

Posted by Lee

Insecuity in Marriage

It will take a lot of guts before someone admits that they have a problem with their marriage, or even just with their self.  Some would just pretend that everything is okay until it’s too late.

Marriage can go out of proportion just because of sheer insecurity. This should not happen but unfortunately, it’s quite inevitable. From time to time, throughout your marriage life, feeling insecure will occur.

It can be amazing that this insignificant emotion can lead to other negative emotions. Insecurity feeds jealousy and before you know it, you’re already filing for a divorce. You or your spouse may experience feelings of doubt at some instances but don’t let this eat you away. Seek to know the truth first. Is there even a basis for feeling that way? Don’t assume things easily. Remember that when you get married, you promised to love one another.

Before you jump into conclusion because of what you might have heard from you neighbors or the people around you, sit and talk with your partner. Remember to trust your spouse before anybody else.

Insecurity can be very destructive if not resolve quickly. Sometimes, people can’t just help it but feel unworthy of their spouse’s love and affection. This is wrong. Don’t forget that you two got married because you love each other that you want to spend the rest of your life together.

A lot of factors may trigger a feeling of insecurity but all problems have solutions. You just have to seek for a way to make things work. Be confident and don’t let petty things destroy you or your marriage. If you feel insecure, talk to you spouse and let them know about it. If they are aware of your emotions, they can change their ways to improve your marriage.

Insecurity shows itself when you feel like you’re are not being loved the way that you love your spouse and you may fear that someone will take him/her away or will get bored with you in the long run. This all goes down to active communication. Talk to your spouse meaningfully and frequently. By talking, you will know each other’s troubles and concerns. Then you can work on it together. Communication will also bring you closer. You maybe not be that showy when t comes to letting your spouse know about your true feelings but they can help you share the burden. This will make a difference in your relationship.

Now if you feel your spouse if the one who is insecure, let them know that they are wrong and there’s no need to feel that way. Learn to appreciate their efforts; recognize every good thing that they do, say that you love them always and that you are there to stay with them no matter what.

It takes a team effort for any marriage to work. Insecurity is a common emotion but it doesn’t mean you’ll let it overcome you. Believe in each other’s capabilities and what ever you do, don’t point your finger. Take action, build up trust in your marriage and just show your love and compassion to your spouse.

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