Practice the Art of Sharing in Marriage

Posted by Lee

Sharing in Marriage

When we were still children, we were taught to share our toys with our siblings and our lunch with our friends and classmates. Just like in a family. Household chores and responsibilities must be divided to both husband and wife.

In today’s economy, wives can’t just let their husband work alone. Well, except to those whose husbands have really high paying jobs. When both couples are working, consequence is they won’t have time for their family. It’ll have an effect to the growing children once they fail to divide responsibility, support, finances, decision makings in the household and commitment to one another and to their children. Just like other families, you may end up facing the divorce judge.

There are kids who overcome the unpleasant process of divorce. But some children have spent years before they can get over it. Some would also likely to be divorced once they have a family of their own. Divorce will have a psychological effect with each member of the family, especially the children. If possible, do not mention the D-word whenever you are arguing with your spouse.

Do not let your family fall into ruins. Getting a divorce can be avoided if both parents will find a way to make things work even though they have jobs. It’s all about commitment and knowing what to prioritize. Share any decision that needs to be made in your family. Where will the children go to school? Who will pick them up? Who will do the groceries?

With the household chores, why do it together? During weekends, husband and wife can do the laundry together. Or the man will mow the lawn while the wife does the dishes. Then, with your whole family, plan a picnic in the park or go to a zoo for the children. Choose any responsibility and decide who will do them. Share the same hobbies or interest with your whole family. Work together for the good of the children and your family.

Once a couple is separated, it would be difficult to agree on the same thing since, most likely, they will consider one another as an enemy. One will refuse to give the children financial support as a form of revenge to the other one. It will be a burden to the other party because the other didn’t want to share the responsibility. In the end, it is the innocent children who will pay the price.

The best approach to make a relationship last is to learn how to share. When a couple decides to get married, they promised to love one another, lighten up each other’s burden and make things easier for the family. Divide up any obligations, households, financial responsibility and decision makings. This way, children and parents, will have a positive outlook in life and in every difficulties that they may encounter.

Marriage is sharing your life together as a whole. Not just with the chores or your possessions. Balance your activities and work but family should be prioritized first. Take the initiative to share the load before it make things worse.

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